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Port Adelaide 2017
All course dates include the delivery of the four STCW courses:- PSSR; PST; FPFF and SAT.

Apr 3 - 12
Jul 17- 26
Oct 16 - 25

Refresher/Revalidation Courses? Click here.

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Individual STCW Course Prices
PSSR - $800
PST - $900
FPFF - $1200
SAT - $400

$600 off for booking a full STCW Course.

Senior First Aid or Apply First Aid Certificate

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Course Information

The Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy's STCW Basic Safety Training courses are AMSA-approved and consistent with the relevant maritime regulations describing mandatory requirements for familiarisation and basic safety competency required for all seafarers working on vessels operating under international maritime standards.

An AMSA-issued STCW Basic Safety Training Certificate of Competency is the mandatory minimum regualtory qualification required to serve on board vessels in the national and international maritime industries.

Students must now complete four* short courses over 8 days at the Australian Maritime & Fisheries Academy then apply to AMSA for issuance of their Certificate of Competency. The four short courses, which are International Maritime Organization model courses, are:

Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR) - 2 days
Personal Survival Techniques (PST) - 2 days
Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF) - 3 days
Security Awareness Training (SAT) - 1 day
*First Aid is a pre-requisite.

Course content is from the MARSS00007 - Safety Training Certification Skill Set from the Maritime Training Package and includes:

  • Safety aboard a commercial vessel
  • Interacting as a team
  • Elements of fire prevention on board a vessel
  • Theory of combustion and methods of extinguishing fires
  • Practical fire fighting and use of self contained breathing apparatus
  • Theory of personal survival techniques including life rafts and life boats
  • Practical training in launching, boarding and survival in a life raft

The course is physically demand and all students must be able to swim before the course as well as complete a Self Declaration of Medical Fitness form. This course also requires a general command of spoken English, the capacity to read simple written instructions and the ability to write at the level needed to complete basic workplace reporting forms.

Successful completion of the four skill set units of competency, as listed below, qualifies a person to apply to AMSA for the STCW Certificate of Competency to work as a crew member on a commercial vessel operating in Australian and international jurisdictions under the IMO charter and supervised by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). It is also a prerequisite qualification for anyone applying for a certificate of competency as a Deck, Watchkeeping or Engineer officer position of a commercial vessel operating in these jurisdictions.

Follow vessel security procedures 
Observe personal safety and social responsibility 
Prevent and fight fires on board a vessel 
Survive at sea in the event of vessel abandonment 

STCW Refresher and Revalidation Courses

Under the authority of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) requires all holders of STCW-level Certificates of Competency to meet refresher and revalidation requirements every five (5) years for continued competence.

AMFA currently offers both refresher and revalidation training for holders of the AMSA Certificate of Safety Training (IMO-level Basic Safety Training). Depending on whether a seafarer's sea service is classed as current or not will determine which training course they will be required to undertake.

A holder of an STCW Certificate of Competency that meet AMSA's requirements for current sea service is required to undertake a two-day refresher course in fire fighting and sea survival. Those seafarers who do not meet AMSA's requirements for current sea service will be required to undertake the 5-day revalidation course in the same subjects.

Refresher Course Dates
Feb 20 - 21
Apr 10 - 11
June 13 - 14
Dates for the second half of 2017 to be released later in the year.

For current pricing, please call us on +618 8303 2780 or email the Academy.

For those interested in this course but cannot make these dates should register their interest and preferred dates with the Academy via email.

Revalidation Courses
For those students requiring revalidation, they can enrol in the standard Certificate of Safety Training (CoST) course and complete only the two units required for fire fighting and sea survival (MARF008 and MARF009) as shown in the table above in the previous section. Full course dates are here. For revalidation dates and prices, please call the Academy on +618 8303 2780 or email us.

For any queries, please email the Academy.


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